Casio FX-9860GII Graphic Calc Calculator

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Casio FX-9860GII Graphic Calc - Graphing Calc - Interface

  User Friendly Interface of FX9860GII  
Rectangular & Polar coordinate graphing Recursion graph
Integration graph List based one & two variable statistical analysis
Parametric function graphing, Inequality graphing Statistical regression calculations
Trace, Zoom ( boz zoom, zoom in/out,auto zoom) Statistical plot (scattr plot xy line, normal probability plot,
Table and Graph   histogram, box plot)
Dual Graph (table and graph, graph & graph) Statistical regression graphs (linear, med-med quadratic,
Sketch (tangent line, normal line, inverse function)   cubic, quartic, logatithmic, exponential, powe, sinusoidal,
Solve (root, minimum,maximum, intersection,integration)   logistic regression)
Dynamic graph Advanced statistical calculations: tests (Z-test, t-test, Chi
Conic section graph   square test, F-test, ANOVA), intervals (Z-interval, t-interval),
Power functions (square root, cubic root, square, power,   distributions
  radical root) Pie chart
GCD/LCM Bar graph
Coordinate conversion (Pol, Rec) Combination/ Permutation (nCr, nPr)
Factorial, Inverse, random numbers, fractions List data calculations
Logical operations Metric conversion
Matrix calculations Natural format equation output
Complex number calculations Calculation history
Base-n calculations/ conversions Spreadsheet and statistical plot
Numeric equation solver, simultaneous equations, Programming
  polynomical equations Icon menu
Financial calculations User memory: 62,000 bytes,
Data communication   User Storage memory: 1.5 Mbytes