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Casio FX-CG20 Graphic Calculator

In a ground breaking move, Casio is set to turn the world of calculators on its head yet again with the launch of its fx-CG20 graphing calculator. Casio created the world’s very first graphing calculator back in 1985 with the 422 byte fx-7000G, giving maths students the opportunity to create their own graphs by inputting complex equations directly into the calculator and viewing the results of their labours on a small mono screen. It was cutting edge at the time, but its heavily tokenised programming language allowed it to perform some pretty chunky tasks nonetheless.
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Available in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, & Kalyan District 
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Casio FX-CG20 has a graphical colour display with more than 65000 colors (384x216 pixels)
The fx-CG20 comes with smooth, easy-to-read fonts that clearly display mathematical equations and other text.
The fx-CG20 features the color link function, which automatically links colors specified on the spreadsheet screen
   with colors used in graphs.
Picture Plot - fx-CG20 allows to create function graphs overlaid on color images.
Casio FX-CG20 connects with Casio projector to project graphs and equations on a large screen.
FX-CG20 calculator comes pre-loaded with single image & multiple images making learning interesting and fun.
Casio's original "Natural Expression Input Display" and "Natural Expression Output Display" is inbuilt in FX-CG20
FX-CG20 calc comes with eActivity capabilities allowing teachers and students to create their own problems.
Built in software such as spreadsheet and E-Con2 make FX-9860GII the unbeatable choice among engineering students.
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