Casio FX-CG50 Graphic Calculator's Calc

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Casio FX-CG50 Graphic Calculator (Calc)

Casio FX-CG20
Casio FX-CG50 Graphic Calculator
3D Graph
    3D graph types -
  Four types of 3D graphs (Sphere,Cylinder,Plane and Line) are available. It is easy to draw 3D graphs using templates.(An industry-first feature)
    Draw and display up to three 3D graphs -  
  Recognize combinations of graphs and interactive relationships between two or three graphs mathematically.
    Investigate the relationship between expressions and 3D graphs  
  Select EXPRESS, VECTOR or POINTS format when in putting expression of 3D graphs.  
    Explore 3D graphs mathematically  
  1) Zoom in and zoom out 2) Vertical and horizontal rotation 3) Cross section 4) X-axis,Y-axis, Z-axis view
  Zoom in   Zoom out   Vertical rotation
  Horizontal rotation   Cross section   X-axis view
  Z-axis view        
 • E-CON4 Application  
  This feature, with a simple user interface, is effective for collecting data for use in classroom science and technology lessons.  
  This feature has Auto-ID recognition, which enables drawing of graphs of collected data automatically with no complicated   settings.  
 • Catalog Function  
  Select the desired command easily and quickly use the catalog function.  
 • Examination Mode  
  This mode allows you to quickly prepare your calculator for exams. This mode restricts access to memory, programs, functions   and applications, so that these features would not be available during exams.