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  Casio Graphing Calculators

  Casio Graphic Calculators are one of the best graphing calculators available in India. These Graphic Calculators produce graphs and diagrams instantaneously, have large screen which gives better visualization. The Graphic Calculator gives capability of computing/calculating and also visualizing the graphical format. Casio has introduced following latest models of graphic calc in India at a reasonable price.  
  Casio Graphic Calculators India   Casio Graphic Calculator FX 9860GII   Casio Graphic Calculator FX-CG20 Casio Graphic Calculator FX-CG20  
      Casio Fx 9860 GII
Graphic Calculator
Casio Fx CG20
Graphic Calculator
Casio Fx CG50
Graphic Calculator
      6,995.00   10,995.00 13,995.00 12,800.00  
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Casio Graphic Calculators Features:

1)   Casio Graphic Calculators possess Financial Functions, Statistical functions very useful for mathematics..
2)   All Graphic Calculators have downloadable software
    a) Physium: For instant access to the period table of elements. This helps in easy recall of the elements & atomic
    b) Geometry : Geometry add-in software is designed to make geometry learning fast.
3)   These Graphic Calculators come with Multi-function spread sheet with built-in Graphing Capabilities.
4)   Casio Graphic Calculator fx-CG20 comes with 50 pre loaded pictures for Graphing, Geometry, Picture Plot & E-activity.
    These help students to do applications mathematics for Real Life Practical applications and projects.
5)   Both the Graphic Calculators can be connected to Casio Projector & the screen of the calculator can thus be projected
    on a large screen of the classroom for everyone to see.

Advantages of Casio Graphic Calculators

Casio Graphic Calculators help Maths & Science students build up logical thinking, analytical capability providing a new
  approach to problem solving.
Since mathematics being foundation of all the science & application of Mathematics and science, learning mathematics
  with use of Graphic Calculators can help students to build up better grasping and understanding of mathematics
The teachers who teach mathematics using the graphs & diagrams with the help of the Graphic Calculators found that
  the results of their students improved dramatically.

Applications of Casio Graphic Calculators

  Casio Graphic Calculators are very useful in XI- Science, XII-Science, IIT Entrance, SAT, GRE, GMAT, CAT, CET, MHCET, AIEEE other entrance exams, etc.

Students studying in BSc Mathematics, BSc Statistics, MSc Mathematics, MSc Statistics, Phd Mathematics, Phd Statistics, Bsc Applied Mathematics, MSc Applied Mathematics, Phd Applied Mathematics use Graphic Calculators extensively to their benefit. Graphic Calculators can be best tools for Mathematics Teachers, Statistics teachers, Teachers teaching financial Analysis, MMS, MBA to easily explain fundamentals of Mathemetics.

Graphic Calculators are very effective tools for Polytechnic Diploma & Degree Engineering teachers & students. They find it interesting in analysis, case studies & Projects of Mathematics & other engineering subjects.

Students of IBDP (International Baccarulate Diploma Programme Grade XI & XII) & students with International Mathematics in Grade IX & X of IGCSE (University of Cambridge ) Schools use graphic calculators extensively.